Cake Smash & Splash

  • We all know that the best part about a birthday is cake, and watching your child have fun. A Cake Smash & Splash shoot at Picture Perfect Studios is a great way of combining the two to celebrate a milestone.

    So what does a Cake Smash & Splash involve?

    A Cake Smash & Splash essentially involves your child smashing up a big colourful cake, creating lots of mess and finishing off with a little bath or ‘Splash’. Any age group can request a Cake Smash from us, but for a Smash & Splash we recommend it be for 1st and 2nd Birthdays. 

    The cake would be one of your choice that you bring with you on the day of the shoot, it can be any type, size and colour you wish.*

    We recommend bringing towels and a change of clothes for your child as it can get quite messy and they will need to dry off after their splash. We can provide towels if necessary.

    What You Receive…

    After the shoot and once your images are edited, you’ll receive a selection of colourful, fun pictures that show them smashing the cake and having a bath, they can even be photographed pretending to bake the cake as well.

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    *Please make sure your cake is suitable if your child has any allergies to wheat, gluten, dairy, egg etc.

    If you need anymore information then please feel free to Contact Us.